An Eternal Hope

“The only way to not live life like the rest of the world is to have the hope of eternity”              (Pastor Jim Sheen)

I recently completed my graduate degree, and what a journey it was! Many hours were spent reading, comprehending, and attempting to form sentences (…MANY sentences) that reflected what I had learned. Yet, when I got to the end I realized those months of learning were simply an introduction into what was to come.

Two weeks prior to the completion of my degree, I began to sense God stirring my heart; He was calling me to lay down my perceptions of what I believed was next, and to open my heart to what He had written for me. During these two weeks, (…and a few after) a level of anxiety began to rise. Questions began to run through my mind; questions that nearly every graduate on this planet seems to wrestle with- the greatest being “How will I pay this school bill!” Many more questions came that began to evoke anxiety, and caused me to come to terms with the fact that I needed to enter into reality! […side note, you cannot be a student forever!]

It was during this time of questioning that led to anxiety that my faith began to be attacked- my faith that just weeks ago was soaring, and was leading me into new places! With these questions swimming around in my already FULL graduate brain, I finally stopped long enough to understand that God was not stirring my heart toward an earthly strategy or answer, but rather an eternal hope! Hear this truth Beloved…

“Demons cannot mess with a faith that is rooted in eternity, but they can certainly mess with your faith when it is rooted in this life, and this life only. When your life is rooted in this life only its rooted in an expectation of what God should, and should not do. YET, if your life is rooted in eternity then you know that everything you are going through here is being worked out in a place that you cannot see right now” (Pastor Jim Sheen)

As I sat listening on Sunday to this PERSPECTIVE CHANGING truth hope rose, and answers to the stirring that weeks ago sent me into a tailspin, sent me soaring once again! You see, ALL of the preparation, the hours of studying and writing, the years of walking through the life that I have, the desires of my heart seemingly unfulfilled- it ALL had meaning, purpose, and an eternal hope now connected to it! I cannot explain what is to come in eternity, but I can say with FULL assurance that EVERYTHING has purpose!

Beloved, perhaps you like me have come to a place once again, or maybe for the first time, where you are asking, “What does this all lead to, what is next for me in this life?” Understand me when I say that those are not incorrect questions to ask YET, I implore you to also look further, and believe that what you have faced, are facing, and will face as a Child of God is intricately woven into the tapestry of eternity.

As my Pastor stated on Sunday:

“Everything here is ONLY an introductory chapter to everything there (eternity)”                      (Pastor Jim Sheen)


Beloved, set your vision higher! Hear the words of this beloved song:

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full into His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

As my Pastor encouraged us at the close of our service, I too share this with you…

“We are here to run a race that the world is not running…ask God to put a fresh vision in your heart for your current situation…” Ask God to give you an eternal hope…because, this is the story He wrote!

[Read and Meditate on these passages]:

John 14:1-3; 2 Peter 3:10-12; 2 Timothy 4:6-8; Acts 1:6-11

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