2020- His Agenda is the World!

Yesterday, my Pastor asked- “Who believes they are a writer, and should be writing? Raise your hand.” He then called those of us who raised our hands to step out in faith and start a blog! He stated, “Jesus’s assignment will exceed your perceived capacity. His agenda is the world! How can we take what we have and give it away?”

I have decided that I am going to grab ahold of this word by faith, and I am going to make myself available to God, so that He can reach out to those around me in the world that He longs to speak to! I began this blog in 2016, and believe NOW is the time to begin again telling about The Story He Wrote! 

I believe that 2020 is going to be a year unlike any other. Will you join in faith with me by taking whatever it is that you have in your hands, and making it available to God so that He can reach the World through you in 2020?

Want to know more about what God is doing through Zion’s River Tacoma? Visit our website, and make plans to join us this Sunday as Pastor Jim continues his series, “The Plan”.



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