I wanted to take a moment to explain why I have been absent from my LIVE! blog posts.

I came up to the next Fruit of the Spirit, patienceand I had nothing to write! The page was blank. As I asked the Lord what was happening, and why the flow had stopped, He revealed to me that I was in a time of learning to LIVE out patience before I would be able to write about it.

This has most definitely been the case! I have been in a process with the Lord where my greatest cry has been, lead me by your Spirit and not my flesh! I do not simply want to produce words on a page, but I want them to be Holy Spirit inspired.

So, I wait on the Lord for the word He would want to release about patience, and know that in His timing I will be back to share my heart & experience with you!


This is the story He wrote! stay tuned blog

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