The BEST day of my LIFE!

This morning on my way into work I stopped at Starbucks (…like 1/2 the population!) I ordered my breakfast (Thank God for gift cards!), and  as I was handed my order the barista said-

“Have the BEST day of your LIFE!”

WOW! What- today? The best day of my life TODAY! Huh- Driving away my brain began firing; her words of blessing stirred up a fire on the inside of me. Have the BEST day of your LIFE!

I began to consider what I would say the BEST day of my LIFE would really look like. Do you know…every “BEST day” I could think up was tied to something I have been waiting for…meeting my “husband-to-be”, my wedding day, looking into the eyes of my child for the first time, traveling the world, etc…

In this moment of pondering, I heard Holy Spirit ask- “Isn’t it possible that you are living the BEST day of your LIFE right now? And isn’t it possible that EVERYDAY could be The BEST day of your LIFE? Isn’t it possible that because of the finished work of Jesus, and ALL that is, and is to come, you are living RIGHT NOW the BEST day of your LIFE? Screeeeeeech….mental brakes engaged! WOW- YES!!!!!

Beloved, John 10:10b says:

…Jesus HAS come! Not He WILL come, or He is thinking about coming, or He’s planning on coming but hasn’t found time…YES- He HAS come…As Sons & Daughters we are ALIVE in the BEST day of our LIVES! Yes, it’s TRUE-

You see, the devil is up to no good of course, and his daily plan is to try and convince us that if we could just (…fill in the blank) we would (….fill it in again!) O when we (____) then (_____).

IT IS FINISHED! On Resurrection Sunday my Pastor, Jim Sheen ( spoke about the true definition of what was accomplished on that GREAT DAY! What was accomplished was this- the Fear of Death was BROKEN!!!! He defined the Fear of Death in this way…

“A mind bound to decisions that must be accomplished or experienced
within a limited time.”
Have you ever had that sense that if you don’t ever get to (fill in the blank) then you will be disappointed, you will have missed out, your life will have not amounted to anything? Maybe you, like me have been waiting to get married, have children, travel the world and you have equated the BEST day of your LIFE in this manner. Has your mind been bound to decisions that MUST be accomplished or experienced within this limited time we have on earth?
Is it possible that Jesus Himself is saying to us today- “Have the BEST day of your LIFE” even in the midst of trial, pain, loss, confusion, debt, divorce, sickness, on an on- Is it possible that thousands of years ago, stepping out of the grave, walking through the walls of our lives Jesus made a statement for ALL OF TIME- Today IS the BEST day of your LIFE! IT IS FINISHED!
Pastor Jim stated:
“Believe the truth: As you follow Jesus, you are just on your way to something more,
something greater. My story that God wrote about me continues from this moment into
eternity! Since you are favored in eternity, you are favored here!”
Beloved, in this place of favor, you are presented with an opportunity to be alive NOW! To experience the BEST day of your LIFE now! Do you struggle with this reality? What is to be done…Pastor Jim boldly proclaimed Jesus’s words:
“Be born-again! John 3:3 & Connect your living to the power of believing Luke 24:49 &
Acts 1:8″
Are you waiting for the BEST day of your LIFE to happen? Beloved, stop what you are doing, open your heart, be born-again, come into the ABUNDANT life NOW! Beloved, TODAY will then become the BEST day of your LIFE….because this is the story He wrote!

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